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Tension: Social welfare agency wants second pay rise

Unions want urgent meeting with caretaker social minister

Май 18, 2024 07:40 67

Tension: Social welfare agency wants second pay rise  - 1

Confederation of Labor structures "Support" and the KNSB in the state administration want an urgent meeting with the official social minister Ivaylo Ivanov because of tension among the employees of the Social Assistance Agency, BNR reported.

Social workers are unhappy with their pay rise, which they received in April backdated to January 1, and are demanding a second raise.

It is about an increase of BGN 200, said the chairman of the union of administrative employees "Support: Kremena Atanasova.

"The salaries of the newly appointed colleagues were in the amount of BGN 1,400 again gross. Which, after the deductions, means that some of the social workers receive less than BGN 1,100, and the rest, whose average salary is around BGN 1,700 or 1,800, receive less than BGN 1,400 net, which you yourself understand is grossly insufficient," she explained.< /p>

The request is for wages to be increased once again in June or at the latest in July through an additional government decree. There is serious tension in the system, which could escalate and develop into effective protest actions in the summer, Atanasova warned.

She added that then the applications for the targeted aid for heating and for the one-off aid for students are accepted.

"So the volume of work then is huge. If there is an effective strike and stoppage of work, I am afraid that this will be a huge problem, because people will be at risk of not receiving their benefits, both for heating and for students and all other benefits," Atanasova concluded.