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Momchil Indjov: In the new European Parliament, the pro-European majority is preserved, but there will also be a slight shift to the right

It is expected that adjustments will be made to the environmental policy regarding agriculture and cars with internal combustion engines

Jun 14, 2024 17:52 71

Momchil Indjov: In the new European Parliament, the pro-European majority is preserved, but there will also be a slight shift to the right  - 1

The pro-European majority is preserved and that's the good news. The bad thing is that there will be a slight shift to the right of the politics of the European Parliament. This is what Club Z correspondent Momchil Indjov told Radio "Focus".

The European People's Party, the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats and "Renew Europe" form together an absolute majority with just over 400 MEPs out of a total of 720, he noted.

The policy of the next European Parliament regarding the green transition will shift to the right. Indjov recalled that even after the announcement of the results, the chairman of the PG of the EPP, Manfred Weber, said that his party would revise the directive on the sale of cars with internal combustion engines, which should come into force from 2035, and that they would be made adjustments to environmental policy in relation to agriculture.

"The ban on petrol engine cars is very difficult to come into force from 2035 because there is no infrastructure in place yet. Also, electric cars are expensive. In the long run, they may be cheaper than gasoline, but many people's savings will melt away with just one purchase of an electric car. They will become even more expensive because there will be forced demand due to the entry into force of the ban. Higher prices will increase requests for loans, banks will start preparing more unfavorable conditions – the reaction is chain“, explained Momchil Indjov.

Restrictions in agriculture will also be eased, the journalist believes.

The position of the far-right in the European Parliament regarding the war in Ukraine is different, noted Inzhov. The group of European conservatives and reformists includes representatives of various parties – from far-right to very close to center and even left-of-center parties.

"Most parties in this group are pro-Ukrainian, for example "Italian Brothers” of George Meloni. Let's not forget that the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, even before the elections, expressed the EPP's readiness to work with Meloni's party and with the EKR in general, the journalist recalled.

According to him, far-right parties in the new European Parliament, which do not have a political family, will not be able to form a new one.

"Viktor Orbán will categorically not ally himself with outright Nazis. It can be any, but in relation to such Nazi organizations as "Alternative for Germany" cannot be suspected of any sympathies. Nazi propaganda is being persecuted in Hungary itself. Geert Wilders from the Dutch "Freedom Party” he also has no chance to join the "Alternative for Germany" because he is also a great friend of Israel. There are very few parties that would follow the "Alternative for Germany" and this is good news“, Momchil Indjov believes.