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10 benefits of reading for children

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10 benefits of reading for children - 1

Albert Einstein told an anxious mother who wanted to help her child become a scientist: “First, give him fairy tales; second, give him fairy tales, and third, give him more fairy tales!

The great scientist had known that the reading is essential for the children’s education, their success at school and in their journey through life.

The author of the chilren’s novel “The Magical Moon” Maria De Brabandere shares for fakti: “An interesting book is not only fun for the children. They Кукаempathize, think, create ideas, compare with the characters, develop critical thinking skills, foresee the ending of the story. They enrich their vocabulary. Closing the last page of a book opens child’s mind for new emotional, verbal and moral horizons.”

Apart from being a magical portal which takes people to other dimensions where they discover different realities, reading is practically beneficial and fundamental for children’s development. Here are 10 reasons why we should encourage our children to read:

1. Improves concentration.

Focusing on the story regularly develops the good habit to concentrate to other sourses of information. It is proven that the students who read more, perform better at school.

2. Stimulates the memory.

To be able comprehending the story, the child should remember the characters, the environment and scene details. За да разбере историята, детето трябва да запомни героите, местата и съпътстващите сюжета детайли. A wide narration, such as a novel, develops memory and associative skills of the children.

3. Develops the imagination.

The great French mathematician Hermite said to the French Academy about the training of young people: “Develop the imagination. Everything comes from that. If you want mathematicians, give your children fairy tales.”

While reading, we create a visual picture. We imagine how the characters look like, we connect mentally and emotional to the events and the characters.

4. Brain exercise.

The more exercise for the brain, the better the child will learn, comprehend and develop his or her vocabulary.

5. Develops empathy.

While reading, we empathize to the characters, their emotions and feeling.

7. Develops и enriches the language skills.

The children copy the sounds, words and speach of the people around them. They develop a vocabulary which is limited to that environment. When you read, the child hears your voice and pays attention more to the intonation than to the word itself. When the kid takes a book, he or she will read more words and will gain more exposure to content. To be able to comprehend, the child should read, analise and remember the new words. This further enchances children’s vocabulary, improves their articulaton and makes them well-spoken. Reading is vital, if you want your child to learn new language. Here comes the help of the bilingual books. Good example for an entertaining children’s novel in English and Bulgarian (soon in Dutch, as well) is is “The Magical Moon” by Maria De Brabandere. You could have a look at

8. Discovers new worlds.

The children discover new people, other places and events through the books. All these are outside of their personal experiences. They read about new ideas and beliefs, different from what they are currantly exposed to. The kids open their mind for unknown impressions and realities. Therefore, reading is the best educational method.

9. Better performance at school.

Researches say that students who read books from their early childhood, perform better at school than their classmates who hate reading.

10. Better self-esteem.

It is proven that the children who love reading books develop good self-esteem that helps to perform better at school and further on in the life.

10 benefits of reading for children

* * *

Welcome to the Magical Moon!

Lawrence and Nicolas are 7- and 9-years-old nippers who visit and save a fantastic planet, inhabited by children. “The Magical Moon” leads us to an illusive world, where the main characters make easily new friendships and get into difficult situations. The kids overcome scary adversities and fearsome enemies though their children intuition, scientific knowledges, researches, discoveries and instant bold youth.

Lawrence rides dolphins while his brother sinks into Zora’s green eyes. Nicolas finds his way in a magic cave to save his brother from T-Rex’s maw.

„The grown-ups” have been expelled from the Magical Moon. Still, there is a legal way for them to go there. They must win The Magical Moon Merit – a special prize for extraordinary things that they have done for the Magical Moon. No one has won it yet…

The book offers surprises, tension and many interesting facts. The reader empathizes with them along an adventurous road, called “The Magical Moon”.

Have a nice trip!

The Magical Moon is

...where you find new friends…

...where the time does not exist…

...where there are no grown-ups...

...where you cook your own meal in the restaurants…

.. where an ice-cream tree sings…

...where the ice-cream is for free...

...where the love and peace rule…

in great danger.

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