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Матилда Броберг разказва как е свалила над 60 килограма само с една чаена лъжичка

Публикувана: 15 Февруари, 2019 13:56

В борбата с килограмите най-важните неща са волята и постоянството. Младата датчанка Матилда Броберг е успяла да свали цели 63 килограма именно като първо е победила мозъка си.

Motivation 🏆 _ Just a little reminder to ya all; YOU can achieve your dreams and goals! _ Rrrule numba 1️⃣ Educate yourself in healthy eating habits, calories (and macros) and how they effect our weight, meal portions sizes, activities, workout/fitness knowledge etc 📚 Don't 'just' get the inspo - READ about it on real 'valid' websites! It's supa dupa important guys ☝🏼️ _ Second of all; you need to RELAX 🙎🏻 It will take time and after you've reach your goals you gotta stick to the lifestyle! Therefor you need to find a fine and nice balanced way of 'dieting'/living your new lifestyle ✍🏼 You cannot get back to old habits ever again (well not in the same way but u got me) - ofc there will be time for bad days/times - but you still gotta get back up again ❤️ You gotta embrace your new way of living instead of making it your enemy or something negative _ Yes, it WILL be tough and hard - but that's just how life is sometimes.. Either you gonna struggle in the bad times you have now OR you can struggle while reaching your goals.. Up to you 💭 Stuff to think about _ I've been +120kg once (2010, 14 years) and I've lost 63 kg from 2012 to 2015 🏆 I lost the first 35 kg in 1 year and then I started working out and the rest came off over a time period of 2 years. And I've been wearing a size Small for 3 years now (surrealllll) 😳 Been a size XXL for soooo many years 🙌🏼 I'll never get used to the fact that I actually made it. _ Educate yourself and have faith (and patience, determination, will-power, damn strong self control...) and most important: STAY STRONG! _ And I guarantee... If I can do it.. So can YOU! Trust me - I'm a lazy fuuuckk when it all comes down to nothing😎 I have Sloth drinking coffee tattooed on my arm (kinda says it) Buuut I'm also determined if I want something! _ #glowupchallenge

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Пътят ѝ към промяната за цял живот започва по много странен и любопитен начин. В един момент 22-годишното момиче тежало цели 126 килограма. Един ден решила да се качи на виенско колело, но един от служителите я спрял и ѝ казал, че не може да гарантира безопасността ѝ, тъй като е с наднормено тегло.

Motivation 🙌🏼 Yes it's tough and takes a long time - not only to actually lose weight but also to maintain it ☝🏼️ This is a lifestyle not just a temporary thing. _ You can read about my weight loss on my IG page 😇 I've posted about loose skin, stretch marks, how long it took, how I did (SPOILER: I did it myself with no bull-shit), how I stayed motivated and so on - feel free to take a look! _ Just a bonus information: I'm 5'9 (176cm) and I'm currently 21 years 😎 _ If I can do it so can you!! I believe in every single one of you - reach for your dreams, go for it and never ever give up no matter what 🙅🏻🏆 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #weightloss#weightlosstransformation#transformation#transformationtuesday#throwback#weightlosscoach#weightlossinspiration#weightlossmotivation#vægttab#sunderelivsstil#sundhed#vægttabsrejse#motivational#dullermedmuller#motivation#weightlossgoals#beforeandafter#beforeandafterweightloss#fitfam#fitspo#fitnessmotivation#inspiration

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Това преобърнало на 180 градуса живота на Матилда и тя решила да отслабне. Отказала шоколада, бързите храни и тестените изделия. Въпреки лишенията обаче, Матилда установила, че не сваля почти никакви килограми. Тогава тя решила, че ще измами мозъка си. Започнала да се храни с чаена лъжичка и заменила съдовете за хранене с по-малки.

Transformation ❣ If I can do it so can you! _ Stay determent and focused. I never ever thought that I'll be able to lose weight and become normal sized. It took me 1 year to lose 40 kg and the rest came of over 2 years (I went down to 57 kg. A total weight loss of over 63kg) . I've been normal sized for 3 years! You can do it as well - and soon (!) I'll release my programs!!! Stay tuned IG Fam ❤️❤️❤️ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #transformation#bodytransformation#bodygoals#weightloss#weightlossmotivation#weightlossinspiration#fatloss#vægttab#vægttabsinspiration#førogefter#glowup#healthtlifestyle#motivation#motivational#inspiring#fitspo#fitnessmotivation#gymmotivation#bodyprogress#howtoloseweight#fitness#workoutinspiration

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Именно по този начин намалила количеството храна, което изяждала на ден. Мозъкът ѝ си мислил, че яде много повече и така се насищала по-бързо. Този подход бързо дал резултат.

Never quit or give up! 2011 vs 2017 - Lost 140 lbs/63kilo on my own with NO weight loss surgery READ BELOW 💕 _ You have to make small goals for yourself- take one day at a time, don't give up and you'll see the results after a short time as long as you remember NOT to give up or "fall in" 👆🏼 If you truly want to lose weight you'll be able to stay focused and determined 💪🏼 You just gotta stay strong and don't look back 🏋🏽 Determination is key guys! _ 👉🏼Ask yourself: "What if I lost 1 lbs every 10th day or every week? Where will I be in one year if I start today?" _ By telling myself that I stayed motivated - So don't quit because "you think it doesn't matter anyways..." Because it does. It will not happen overnight, and it's a lifestyle you have to maintain. However, you'll be able to live more 'relaxed' when you've reached your goal. _ Stay focused and remember your goals - they're not that far away if only you keep pushing! _ How I started was basically just from one day to another - I had enough! So that must have been what kept me going. And trust me; I've failed MANY times before trying to lose weight, but in 2012 I simply had enough and I've never looked back! _ I went from 268lbs (120kg) or even more to 125lbs (57kg) - and now I'm around 146lbs (68kg) ❤️ I'm 5'9/176cm. If you're looking for more about my weightloss story and how I did, go to my Instagram and read my posts! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #personaltrainer #weightlossgoals #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation #motivationalspeaker #motivation #youcandoit #pushyourself #vægttab #vægttabsinspiration #lifestylechange #lifestyleblogger #healthylifestyle #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #transformation #transformationtuesday #weightlossinspiration #weightlossresults #personligtræner

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За година и половина датчанката свалила 63 килограма. В последствие си направила и пластична операция за отстраняване на излишната кожа. Интересното в случая е, че Матилда в момента е фитнес инструктор.

"Ако не знаете откъде да започнете, аз ще ви кажа - от чаената лъжичка", съветва Матилда.

#lifestylechange This is my journey. A result of a complete lifestyle change. I know many of you are questioning my motivation and HOW I did it? The answer is rather simple but you got to find it within yourself. It's about finally having enough! You have probably tried feeling this way before - the only thing that will be a game changer would be if you're actually going to do it and never look back! You have to go trough life anyways and time goes by so why not just 'struggle' getting used to your new lifestyle? _ In April 2012, I decided that I had to change and I told my family that this was it..! I stopped eating candy, chips, cake, bread, pasta, potatoes etc, I ate only one small portion per meal and I became A LOT more active by walking and not just sit or lay down! At that time I was around 120kg (268lbs) and I lost the first 38kg in the first year and then I slowly started working out. Because I also started going out hahah so I needed to balance it out 🙈 In September 2015, I had my stomach skin removed and I weighted 57kg. I'm 176cm/5'9. At that time it wasn't pretty at all. My skin was pretty saggy and I didn't have any shape really? Except for my waist, but it was just bones really... that's another storyyyy! And since that I've worked out 4-6 per week and gained 13 kg living a life where I eat (almost) whatever I want. I adapted the "Fitness Lifestyle" from my ex which I am so thankful for. It has been life changing. So thank you. Going to the gym is like therapy for me and really love it! It's no longer about weight loss.. now it's all about living 🏆 _ Never ever give up if you really want something. Even the unthinkable things. Prove everybody who doesn't believe in you wrong.! Seriously if I can do it... so can you 👏🏻 _ _ _ #motivation#weightlosstransformation#lifestylechangenotadiet#inspiration#glowup#staystrong#youcandoit#bestrong#strongnotskinny#weightlossjourney#beforeandafter#goals#vægttab#vægttabsrejse#livsstilsændring#sundhed#healthylifestyle#fitnessmotivation#workoutmotivation#transformationtuesday

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H A P P Y M O N D A Y 🌸 Issa new weeeekkk and that means new goaaalllsss. This week I'll reduce my sugar intake, give 5 compliments daily and drink more water. Other than that I'll focus on myself this week: focus on my future, get some plans together and look for a future job across the ocean. Gonna hit the gym soon for a killaaah leg day - WHO WIT ME!!?💖🌸 STAY THIRSTY and keeeepppp striving for success. No matter what success means to you. Go get it! You are capable of so much more than you think. Never think little about yourself. _ _ _ _ #mondayvibes#stayfocused#success#mandag#newweek#newgoals #weightlosssuccess#weightlossjourney#weightlosscoach#vægttab#vægttabsrejse#dullermedmuller#goldenhour#daylight#fitnessmotivation#gymmotivation#selfworth#thickfit#træning#healthylifestyle#health#beauty#whodat#goodlife#goodlighting#naturalmakeup#selflove#portrait#shoot#onset

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